Coregistered Sentinel Images

Hello Sentinel hub team,
I am thankful for your great work.
I would like to know
1.If the sentinel-2 images that can be accessed through process API or any other available APIs are co-registered (by which I mean shift in pixels are corrected)
2.Also, are the indices (NDVI,NDWI etc.) calculated after applying the co-registration?

Please let me know,

Thank you

SentinelHub service does not do co-registration, meaning the pixel positional accuracy is ‘as is’ (Sentinel-2 L1C products are orthorectified). The indices etc. are thus also not co-registered.

That being said, eo-learn has modules for co-registration. Please have a look at eo-learn co-registration docs, example and time-lapse example, where co-registration is used to produce better time-lapses). This way you can get the imagery from Sentinel-Hub, co-register them, and calculate indices afterwards yourself.