Coverage availability from Sentinel-1 (IW-VVVH)

Given the reality of global warming, and ice melt as a result, an open request for additional Northern and Southern polar coverage.

Sea ice and island interfaces show melt and flow of fresh water into salt water quite well with this SAR data.

You can observe this using time sequenced data, VV and VH mapped to RGB bands with proper gamma and gamma to highlight the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands where a very modest square has been made available.

Please increase coverage for these regions.

The population of the globe should get used to the thought of witnessing the scale of the melting of the antarctic ice, at outcomes we have never previously witnessed.

Absent availability of data we continue to drive in the fog of ignorance and will not be able to help attain our civic calling as responsible stewards of this planet.

Any increase is good.

Dear @harviej,

I understand your desire for increased coverage. However, at Sentinel Hub we distribute Earth Observation data, and do not have any control over the tasking and observation scenarios.

For suggestions about the increasing Sentinel-1 polar coverage, the best people to contact would be ESA: or via their website.