Create Order Unclickable

Hey all,

I’m having an issue acquiring imagery with the quota I purchased. I bought a quota package of the SkySat archive, and this shows up as existing on my dashboard. However when I go to EO Browser and try to create an order the “Create Order” button is greyed out and not clickable. Additionally under “My Quotas” on EO Browser, nothing is showing up. I bought the package over 24 hours ago, it shows in my billing as being paid. Attached are some screenshots.
image (2)

Thank you, please let me know if there’s anymore info I did not provide that may help.

Can you perhaps try to reduce the AOI a tiny bit, so that it will be 25 km2, rather than over it?

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Yes that did it. Thank you very much for the quick response. I apologize, I figured setting the limit would auto-clip it.