Creating 5km2 polygons for Maxar imagery

Is there a simple way to create a polygon of exactly 5km2 so that I can order 2 images with the 10km2 package? I can create a polygon in QGIS of exactly 5km2 cartesian but not ellipsoidal which is how it seems to be measured on the EO Browser.

I’ve manually created 5.00km2 polygons in the browser but these are always very slightly below 5km2 (and therefore not eligible) or too big (thereby preventing me from ordering another image).

Hi @james1 ,

Thank you for reporting, the issue has been forwarded to our developers.

We’ll keep you up to date if there’s anything coming up.

thank you for pointing this out. To simplify splitting the purchased Maxar quota into multiple orders, the service will now bill all orders below 5.1 km2 as 5.0 km2 - see also updated documentation.

Fantastic. Thank you!

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