Creating citeable code for custom scripts in Zenodo

do you have an option for creating citeable code or code doi-s for Custom Scripts? It is possible to get a doi for a GitHub repository via Zenodo, but in order to link this to the version of the code that is in the official Custom Script Repository, we would need you to provide third party access.
Would this be possible? Or can you please provide Zenodo archiving for the custom script git as an option? It would be a further encouragement for scientists to upload their code as custom scripts if the scripts could be cited in publications. Please check this link for more information:
Thanks a lot!


We do not have something like this yet but it is certainly worth to look into.

Until then, our solution was to write a supplementary to our documentation, and upload it to, with a link pointing to the script in your custom script repository on github. It took us a while to find a preprint server who accepted this, since our submission was not written as a classical journal paper, but this server accepts such a document (probably even a readme file with some details), and the link to the code repository is also embedded. Enjoy!

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