Creating PlanetScope subscription downloaded the whole scene instead of AoI only

I work for a software development company, and we are working on a solution for our client. We need both Sentinel and PlanetScope images so we decided using SentinelHub for our solution.
We have our SentinelHub account and a Planet API key purchased through SentinelHub which was used for development/testing.
After that we added our client’s existing Planet API key to our account and proceeded to create a subscription for a single AoI (cca 5km2).
After a few days, they noticed that usage on their Planet account skyrocketed, seeming to download a much bigger area than they have in their subscription package.
After they contacted PlanetScope, it turned out that much larger area was downloaded with their API Key (whole scene instead of an AoI)
We stopped the subscription immediately, and they managed to resolve the issue with PlanetScope and won’t be charged for that data.
We would like to either point to a possible issue or see why this happened, since it blocks us from using SentinelHub for our solution.

The “incident” (subscription created) happened on 4.12.2023.

subscription id: 64337def-…-33718def3e1f
account id: 7f5f5c78-…-48d6525959b4

Thank you for your assistance


we checked the data delivered for this subscription and it is all clipped correctly, so we will need to check further.

Was your client’s existing Planet API key also purchased through Sentinel Hub? If not they may have a different license, which can affect how subscriptions are billed.


the increase in quota consumption for this customer was not due to the Subscription API or the subscription ID mentioned above, but rather due to Planet Data API usage. Please note that Sentinel Hub does not use Planet Data API, so this usage was directly at Planet.

hi @msterk
Ok, thank you for your help. I will check what has happened with the client

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