Creating request with C# throughout HTTP client

hi there

I have an issue with sending requests with C# throughout HTTP client .
I would really appreciate all your help and guides.


your description doesn’t give a lot of info, so I will try to be as broad as possible.

I will reference the documentation and API reference a lot.

Some API endpoints (e.g. Process API for getting images of the selected are at the selected time, Statistical API for getting statistical info of the selected area at the selected time) require the requests to be authenticated - to have the access token in the Authorization header. So, the first thing is to get the access token.

Oauth client is needed for that, so you need to create one in the Dashboard, if you haven’t yet. Then you use the generated client id and secret to request the access tokens at (they are valid for 1 hour, then you need to request a new one).
The whole process is described here,

Some endpoints, for example Catalog API and STAC API that are used for getting info about which data can be accessed on Sentinel Hub, might return paginated results.

We are also supporting OGC services like WMS, WMTS, WFS, etc. Those do not need authentication, but they also have a lot less functionality than Catalog API, Process API and Statistical API.

I hope this helps, but to provide better help, it would be good to know which exact requests are troublesome for you and in what way.


thanks a bunch for your complete explanation.
it would be great if I can have a sample of asp.net5(C#) for web service calling in OGC-WMS if it’s possible for you
thanks in advance

Hey, sorry for late answer. I will try to prepare a basic example in the coming days.