CRS issue with PYPROJ

Good afternoon,

I am encountering one issue regarding PYPROJ and CRS. When I try to import SentinelHub, when it access the CONSTANTS.PY file, it raises this error:

AttributeError: module ‘pyproj’ has no attribute ‘CRS’

Before today I had no problem with it. Digging a little bit, I realized that it may be an issue with the version of PYPROJ. I just installed GEOPANDAS today to use in my code, and it may have downgraded pyproj to version 1.9.4, from version 2.4.0. Can this be the issue? What version of pyproj does SENTINELHUB need?

Thanks and kind regards,

PS: i understand this is not an issue directly related with SENTINELHUB, more of an issue with the different packages installed in my environment, but I wanted to narrow the issue down asking the version needed for the pyproj package

Hi @ibustamante,

As you already figured it out sentinelhub package requires pyproj>=2.2.0 (written in requirements). Also any recent version of geopandas requires at least pyproj>=2.0.0.

Hello Malek,
Thanks for the quick answer. I just fixed the issue; was trying to install all the packages using a CONDA environment, but I encountered several issues with the installation of different versions. In the end, I forced the correct version of PYPROJ using PIP, and now it works again like a charm, no problem.
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