CSV Scene List like Landsat


There are a gziped csv file available for download the way we have for landsat?

For landsat the list is availabe at https://landsat-pds.s3.amazonaws.com/c1/L8/scene_list.gz as explained here opendata:landsat-pds/readme.html

I use to index this file in Elasticsearch and make scene search a way easier. For now, I’m downloading the sentinel list scene in google cloud here https://storage.googleapis.com/gcp-public-data-sentinel-2/index.csv.gz but the file is about 1GB, because its always had all scenes while landsat got only for the last two years.

I’m having some problems indexing this GCP file. That’s why I was thinking if there are something like the landsat scene list for sentinel in AWS.


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Hi dev,
see this thread: