Custom script Soil moisture

Hi there,
I am trying to view the the soil moisture using this custom script from Sentinel-1.
However, the layer displayed in the EO Browser is not correct. On the contrary, the same script on Copernicus Browser works perfectly.

Since I would like to download systematically this layer, I would need it working from Sentinel Hub.
Can you help me?

Hi, it looks like there is an error when the EO Browser is trying to visualise the data when loading the script from an URL. Try unticking this option and copy and pasting the custom script instead of this and it should work fine for you.

Hi, thanks for the reply. However, I see the same problem using the script from URL or the code.
The layer presents almost all of the pixels blue, while if I use Copernicus Browser on the same image acquisition I see the whole range of colors.

Hi Franco,

The script works fine for me using EO Browser, although it can be quite slow to load (bear in mind, it is computing a lot of data to visualise the result). If you do intend to download this data systematically, I would not recommend using EO Browser, but to call the data via API. You can find out more about our APIs here. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.