Dashboard App Updates

Dashboard App Updates

From now on we will start posting the changes made on the Dashboard App.

We start with the changes deployed today (2020-10-21).

1.46.1 (2020-10-21)


  • Add v3 Transition banner to Dashboard, Configuration Utility, User settings and Statistics pages.

  • Configuration Utility: short-term caching of fetched data products

  • Configuration Utility: deprecating v1 & v2 custom scripts

  • Bring Your Own COG: option to change no data value

  • Bring Your Own COG: option to copy tiles to another collection

  • Bring Your Own COG: added paging of collections (50 collections per page)

  • Statistics: show TPDI quota ordered and used

  • User Settings: add an informative message about the statistics been moved to a new page


  • Configuration Utility: fix bug where endpoints didn’t appear with only one layer

  • Configuration Utility: hide the buttom for converting custom scripts after applying convert changes

  • Bring Your Own COG: search through all user’s collections

1.47 (2020-11-10)


  • Statistics: additional graphs that shows the total statistics and statistics of an individual configuration

1.48 (2020-11-11)

  • Configuration Utility: removed the link to open the configuration in Playground application

1.48.1 (2020-11-16)

  • Configuration Utility: Allow searching by instance id.
  • Configuration Utility: Show Playground link