Data fusion from different sensors with sentinelhub-py


I;m interested into fusion between sentinel1 and sentinel2.
I have gone over your post in your blog and also the documentation .

My question is, as a sentinelhub-py user, is it possible to use data fusion from the configuration utility?
I have tried to use the costum scripts , for example this one by use the script in the configuration utility and then run as wms request, but I got the 400 client error -server response: “Layer test not found”.

I have also tried to write one by myself :slight_smile:

function setup() {
  return {
    input: [
      {datasource: "S2L2A", bands:["B01","B02", "B03", "B04","B05","B06","B07","B08", "B08A","B09","B11","B12"], units: "REFLECTANCE", mosaicking: "ORBIT"},
      {datasource: "S1GRD", bands:["VV", "VH"], units: "REFLECTANCE", mosaicking: "ORBIT"},
    output: [
      { id: "default", bands: 14, sampleType: "FLOAT32" }

function evaluatePixel(sample) {
  return ["B01","B02", "B03", "B04","B05","B06","B07","B08", "B08A","B09","B11","B12",10*Math.log(samples.VV)/Math.LN10,10*Math.log(samples.VH)/Math.LN10];

But then I got the error:

Server response: “Dataset with id: S2L2A not found.”

I thought that this error is because In the configuration utility I chose the sentinel1 and not the sentinel 2, and I saw in the documentation that in EO is required to define the two sources, but I haven’t found the place to select it in the configuration utility


as the costum script doesn’t work for me as well, i’m a bit worried and believe I miss something in the way I do it. Is there a way to define in the configuration utility that I want to use two different sources? what is my mistake in my costum script?


Data fusion only works through processAPI. These advanced features go beyond what OGC standard was designed for and are not supported by our OGC APIs, therefore also Configuration utility does not support it.
That said, it is easy to trigger processAPI call from Python, even if you do not use sh-py for this purpose.

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