Data Fusion to replace cloud in sentinel with sentinel 1 and then calculate indices

Hello, I have a question Could I calculate indices like NDVI, NDWI, etc. while I’m using data fusion to replace cloud in sentinel 2 with sentinel 1 data how to do this? and how to manipulate the retrieved bands that retrieved from data fusion

Hi Moaaz,

You will find an example on how to do so in our blog post on data fusion. In the post you will find links to EO Browser and to the Custom Scripts Repository with examples.


this blog only describes how to calculate NDVI what about the rest of the indices ?

For other indices, you can look at the Custom Scripts repository: Sentinel-2 | Sentinel Hub custom scripts

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I want to calculate indices after replacing cloud pixels with Sentinel-1 data to improve the accuracy of my calculations. the scripts you provided use only sentinel 2

Could you help, please?

You can find Evalscripts for Sentinel-1 here: Sentinel-1 | Sentinel Hub custom scripts