Data not visible when adding WMS URL in ArcGIS Online

I am new user trying to access the Sentinel datasets in ArcGIS Online. I created an account and am using the Simple WMS template, followed the instructions to create the WMS URL link with my ID that was shown in the Simple WMS template ( where I replaced id with my unique code that was provided), added that URL to ArcGIS Online using the WMS OGC web service, and added all the layers and turned them on, but nothing is showing up regardless of the scale I zoom to.

I checked to make sure there was not an extent set for the data. I was able to see the data in the Playground but not when I add it to a map in my ArcGIS Online account. Thanks for your help.

Hi Jeff,
ArcGIS is sometimes acting strange in this regards. Please check this FAQ, which might hopefully help:

Alternatively, please contact ESRI’s support so that they let you know what is s problem.

I apologise for the inconvenience. We have tried to engage with them a couple of times related to this issue, but without much success.


So I can get the layers to show up in ArcGIS Online classic map viewer and in ArcGIS Pro if you only turn on one of the layers at a time. If you turn on more than one layer at a time nothing shows up. This will work fine for how I am looking to use this. Thanks for getting back to me and for your help.

Happy that it helped.
Note that if you need a sort of “combined layers”, you can configure these in Configuration utiliy and then expose them as “one”.

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