Data processing before it becomes publicly available

I am currently doing an internship using Sentinel-Hub API and would appreciate your assistance in gaining further information about the data processing process. There’s not much information about that online and this information will be valuable in enriching the content of my report.

Firstly, I am curious to know how long it typically takes between data acquisition from the satellite and the data becoming publicly available at Sentinel Hub API. Additionally, I would appreciate some insight into the processes that are conducted before the data is made available to the public.

I appreciate any information or guidance you can provide me with on this matter.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Hi Rui,

To answer your question about how long it takes between acquisition and the data being available on Sentinel Hub, I would encourage you to read through the FAQs here :slight_smile:

As for the data processing, this will be different depending on the data collection; there is plenty of information and links on our documentation website that should help you with finding material and sources for your report.

If you have more specific questions, then we’ll be happy to try and answer them for you.

First of all thanks for your answer. I already saw that but I couldn’t find any kind of information about processing commercial data.

Some infos about commercial data like:

  • Why is there a processing time between the data request and data “acquisition” (and also how many time between those two moments);
  • What kind of processes are involved during that time and why is there a waiting time between those moments

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