Data size mismatch between expected and downloaded

I am getting weird behavior while using sentinelhub python api to download sentinel1 data.

I am getting filesize mismatch between the expected and the actual size of the downloaded data.
The file in question is -,
the expected size from api is 1015927181 while the actual size i keep seeing after downloading is 1785354605.
For other files everything is working fine.

Is this just an error on their side that resulted in bad metadata?

Thank you.

Not sure whom you are referring to with “error on their side” and which meta-data you are referring to and where you are actually downloading data from.
That said, I’d say the meta-data is an issue, we do notice it occasionally.

Thanks, i guess this clears everything up.
By them I mean the data providers, .
The metadata i mean is the returned information after querying the products.