Data sources to monitor GhG emissions

I have been involved in environmental management for a number of years now and I am currently busy with research on projects focused on GhG emission reduction. I would like to make the correlation between if the investments made by investors/funders/donors/producers/emitters and even governments is independent verification/confirmation that the initial GHG emission reductions estimations are being realize and/or on track to being realize according to the project’s forecast models. I am independent but would really like to see some results. I was wondering if you can perhaps point me in the right direction on where to get historical and near real-time credible remote sensing atmospheric data for my research. Also, if you are aware of any land based data providers who are able to provide localized atmospheric data I would truly appreciate it. I hope to hear from you soon.


We do not offer too many remote sensing atmospheric datasets. The only mission we provide for is the Sentinel 5P mission data. You can find out more about this dataset in the docs here and on the public collections website.

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