Dates confusion

Dear Sentinel-hub team,

I am using the opensearch_iterator to search for the date of the best cloud coverage image in a specific time interval before downloading the data. In the response of the iterator I am seeing 4 types of dates which I am not able to tell the difference between. Namely:

‘startDate’: ‘2020-02-18T07:47:15Z’
‘completionDate’: ‘2020-02-18T07:47:15Z’
‘updated’: ‘2020-02-18T13:06:46.921051Z’
‘published’: ‘2020-02-18T13:06:46.921051Z’

In the documentation only the first two are explained and the explanation is not very helpful/wrong.

What is the difference between these dates?

Which date I should use when downloading the s2 image in order to get that particular search result?

PS: in the example above all dates refer the same day but that is not always true.

Thank you in advanced :slight_smile:

Hi @erikjkaiser ,

startDate and completionDate correspond to the SENSING_TIME of the tile defined in the Sentinel-2 Products Specification Document.

updated and published are dates related exclusively to the OpenSearch database that is being accessed.