Delay data uploaded

Good Morning,

My name is Javier from Spain. I realiced that the data is been uploaded wit 3 days of delay and I can’t understand why. I have been waitnig for data from a land in Teruel, Spain, It shoulded be in the eobrowser on 30th March but is today 04th of April when it is on the website.

You will have to be a bit more specific on what you are looking for.
Perhaps related to this thread:

Ok, What I wanted to said is:
The information about the 30th of April has been available to download today (4th)


The same happened last week with the informatio of the 25th, It was available to download on 29th.
What I want to ask is if there are any reason for this delay.

As mentioned in the parallel thread, delays happen when there is an issue with downloading the data from the source.
There can be many reasons for that. E.g. if you check the Copernicus News, you will see “delay” mentioned occasionally:

It’s not often, but it happens.

Ok! I will be more patient… haha