Delay in the release of Sentinel 3 and 5 images


Why are Sentinel Hub images of Sentinel 3 and Sentinel 5 in the Middle East every 3 days and are published with a delay?


As these datasets are very large, there can be delays with how fast the data is ingested into the system.

These products are stored on CREODIAS and are usually available on Sentinel Hub with a short delay after it has been uploaded.

Some more info about online times is available on our FAQ

If there are any discrepancies between data availability on Sentinel Hub and the Copernicus Scihub portal, then we are happy to investigate.

In the past, there was no problem with the delay of even an hour between Copernicus data and Sentinel Hub. Over the past 2 weeks, this delay has been 3 days for Sentinel 3 and 5.
Please follow up so that we can use this data at the right time

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