Deleted collection

I deleted My Collection in SH. Can I create a new one based on 3rd Party data? Also, I have a problem with tile add in new collection creatings…

Hi @ngizdavec ,

Could you please describe your issue clearer?

You can always create a new collection with your data. Are you asking if you can create a new one containing the same 3rd party data you ordered before but you didn’t save it elsewhere?

What is the problem when adding tiles to your new collection?

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Please, can you explain to me in a few simple steps how to create a new collection based on 3rd party data?
Also, where I can find S3 Bucket name…Is it for Europe “eu-central-1”
Regarding “add tile” step, this error occours:
Failed to ingest…
“Could not access your files (check access policy)”
BR, N.

Hi @ngizdavec ,

If you already have your 3rd party data stored in your AWS S3 bucket, you can simply go to your dashboard, click “My Collections” on the left, click “+ New Collection” button, and fill in the required information (Collection name, S3 Bucket name, No data value) to create a collection.

You have to select Type BYOC and Location AWS EU (Frankfurt) if your bucket is in the eu-central-1 region.

To find out your AWS S3 bucket name, you can log in to your account and navigate to your 3rd party data. Then you’ll see the S3 URI of your object which starts with s3://, and the first directory shown after s3:// is the bucket name where you stored your 3rd party data. E.g., s3://<s3 bucket name>/<the rest of the path>/object.tif.

You also need to set up the permission for your bucket, please take a look at the permission required for BYOC here and follow the instruction to update your bucket policy.

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