Deprecation of Landsat-8 USGS collection

By integrating Sentinel Hub with the core Landsat Collection 2, the old collection (L8L1C) is becoming obsolete. We strongly recommend to change your requests to the new one (LOTL1) - the data is coming directly from USGS and is therefore more up-to-date and of better quality. Due to deletion of the underlying source data, the L8L1C collection will be deleted as well, on June 15th. We will automatically migrate all L8L1C requests to the new collection from that moment on.

The bands and overall settings of L8L1C and LOTL1 are the same, so no change of the EVALSCRIPTs is needed. The only thing that isn’t compatible with LOTL1 is utility function decodeLs8Qa to decode Quality Assessment band, because the band has different values in Landsat Collection 2. Thus we are introducing a new function called decodeL8C2Qa for new collection.

To be clear - no immediate action is required from the users’ point of view. We will automatically handle this change, unless you want to migrate sooner.