Difference between Individual non-commercial use and Individual commercial use

Hello there

We are about to set up an individual commercial use account and we were wondering if there is any difference in capabilities and features between the non commercial and the commercial accounts, beyond the obvious applicability.

Other questions that we aim at understanding for our operational set up would be:

-Difference in image availability (time) between EO Cloud and AWS for Sentinel 1. Although we have noticed that images are available in EO Cloud earlier than in AWS, it is for us more comfortable being able to work with different zoom levels. Knowing the difference in latency would help in knowing our limitations.

-We aim at analyzing the last available images on a daily basis for Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8. We have though about configuring in the dashboard instance a future date (for instance, 31 December 2030) and then clicking the “most recent” box in mosaic order. Would that trick work to see the last available image? Is there any way of knowing when a certain tile is available in AWS or EO Cloud?

-About configuring our own app (forgive my ignorance, I am not the developer), is it possible to configure our own EO browser with our own instances, as it is possible with Playground through the dashboard?


To respond to your questions:

  • there is no difference in terms of features between individual commercial and individual non-commercial account; main difference is that commercial can be used for commercial purposes. There is also a difference in the volume of requests processed with one and another (see rate limit settings and number of processing units per month)
  • I imagine you are refering to Sentinel-1 dataset, correct? There we get data from two sources - CreoDIAS and AWS (you can select this on EO Browser as well). It might be that CreoDIAS data come a bit earlier as they have a better connection to the Copernicus Hub. However, the difference should be less than an hour when things are working normally with Copernicus Hubs.
  • If you want to see last available image, you can avoid TIME limits at all in the Configuration utility. Make sure that you also set MAXCC=100 and PRIORITY=mostRecent . There is currently no notification service available yet. It should be easy to set a service on your side, which queries our WFS end-point on a regular interval and sends notification to you.
  • Once you configure your own instances, these should be available to select under “Theme” combo box in the EO Browser: