Difference on Image day on Eo Browser and Req Builder

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We wonder why, if we use the same polygon and same satellite (S2), there is a difference between Eo Browser calendar, and Request builder calendar.
Ex: For Entre Ríos, Argentina, there is an image available on Eo Browser for the 30/10/2023. But, when looking for it on Request Builder, it is available on the 29th/10/2023.
Is it due to the time use? Which one should we trust?

Hi Matias,

Can you please provide a more specific example, Entre Ríos is a very large area of interest and won’t be covered by a single date of data. Also, I’m guessing the dates you have provided are not for October? As 30/10/2023 is in the future :wink: I assume you meant September?

Yes off course,
Sorry for the mistakes on the dates, it happens in every date anyway.

I am attaching an AOI and 2 images of both calendars (Eo Browser and Request Builder)
Coordinates Map CRS EPSG: 4326 ( -58.3636825,-31.1349698 )

You can see images available on Eo Browser, are available a day before on request builder

21.5 has.kml (438 Bytes)
Screenshot 2023-10-23 133031
Screenshot 2023-10-23 133112

Thank you

So the dates in EO Browser are correct. The Request Builder is likely converting the dates to your local time zone. We will investigate and try to get them both aligned.

Just to give you an update, requests builder and EO Browser should now show the same days as available. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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