Displaying KML files and Sentinel

Good morning. I have a request regarding displaying KML files by Sentinel. These are KML files with the boundaries of parcels of land or other areas. Could you add among the display options that plots from KML files are displayed only by showing their borders (e.g. blue lines). Currently, such parcels are displayed so that the area inside the parcel boundaries is slightly blue. This display makes it difficult to see the terrain within these boundaries.

Thanks for the suggestion Grzegorz, not quite sure what you are suggesting though. Maybe you can provide an illustration of what you mean?

Below is a picture that better explains what I mean.

Thanks! Yes much clearer. Again, thanks for the suggestion, I will pass it on to our development team.

Thanks in advance for your reaction. The idea is that simple KML files (only with parcel boundaries) will be displayed as in Google Earth (only showing these boundaries). For those who like colors, it may also be useful to be able to change the colors of the borders of plots and what is inside these borders.

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