Displaying statistical api results onto a webpage

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I am trying to understand how I can display the results of a statistical api request onto a webpage just like it can be done in the case of process api using javascript and ‘gridlayer’ to display images onto a webpage. I wish to display ndvi time series information as a graph on a webpage. How can I do that?

I have seen examples of using statistical api as provided by sentinelhub which uses sentinelhub-py package on python, and can help in obtaining the required data. However, I want to make a webapp which can display the same data on a webpage. Please help

the question is quite broad, so hopefully the answer below will be helpful.

Statistical API returns data in JSON format, which you can then transform to use it in libraries for creating charts.

There are 2 ways to request the data

Then you can use the retrieved data to display charts.
Any library for creating charts can be used. We have good experience with ChartJS.

Hope this is enough to get you started. Feel free to ask more specific questions when you come to them.


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