Documentation of python function CubeConfig in Euro Data Cube ?

I am trying to find the documentation of function CubeConfig. I wrote a message in the chat, but it seems not to function (only adds my question at the end of an old thread, which was answered by an expert back then.

I cannot find the documentation of python functions (the arguments and their possible values) on the EDC site. I tried Googling and found some Brockman Consulting .pdf document, but the decription of CubeConfig differs from examples found on EDC. That document also says that it is “work in progress”.

What I am trying to do is defining a meaningful Cartographic Reference System (UTM 35 North) instead of the default Plate Carre.

Hi @yrjo.rauste,

I asked the developers of xcube and they pointed me to the following documentation page:

Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any specific questions related to this page.