Does Subscription cause use of processing units?

I am using PlanetScope commercial data.
Just wanted to get clarity on the processing units usage. By definition in the docs:

Each request costs a proportional amount of processing unit(s), depending on what data and processing is requested. One processing unit (PU) is defined as a request for:

  • an output (image) size of 512 x 512 pixels,
  • 3 collection input bands,
  • one data sample per pixel (see sample),
  • an output (image) format not exceeding 16 bits per pixel,
  • without additional processing (e.g. orthorectification) applied,

In addition to this:

  • Minimal cost of a request is
    • 0.005 PU for Process API and OGC API,
    • 0.01 PU for Statistical API.
  • The number of remaining processing units is reduced only when a request successfully executes, i.e. when the response code is 2XX.

What I understand, is that ingestion of data into my subscription is not considered in the processing units. However, I can see my processing units depleting fast, even when I have not used any API thereafter. This happens whenever I add a new subscription.

Also, is there a provision to understand what request caused consumption of how many processing units?

Many thanks,

Dear Rakshit,
yes, using subscription or order API does consume processing units, see:

(section Third party data order - applicable to Third Party Data Import API)

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