Doubts about commercial data

Hello. I am a new user and I am interested in suscribing for getting commeracial images, but I have a couple of question:

Firstly, which subscription for Sentiel Hub do I need?

Secondly, does the planet scope package give me access to all available PlanetScope data in my area of interest? For example, if I have an area of 50 hectares, could I access to all aviable PlanetScope data only paying one time?

Thirdly, I don’t understand how the SPOT package works. For example, if I buy the SPOT package, how many square kilometers can I order? I don’t understand the next prices:

  • 0-1000 km² - 0.9 € per km²
  • 1000-10000 km² - 0.7 € per km²
  • More than 10000 km² - 0.55 € per km²

Hi Joseph,

any of the Sentinel Hub subscriptions will do. If you are planning to use the service commercially, you should go for Basic or Enterprise.

Correct - you get access to full archive as well as fresh imagery for a year over your selected AOI.

If you purchase a quota of 500 km2, you will pay 450 EUR.
For 5000 km2, you will pay 500x0.9 + 4500x0.7 = 3600 EUR.
For 50000 km2, you will pay 500x0.9 + 9500x0.7 + 40000x0.55


Thanks for the reply.

One last question. If I decide to buy SPOT package, what is the meaning of “100€ per quota package”?.

That means, when I pay the 100€, I can acces to SPOT images and if I want to download an image, I have to purchase the quota for the image according to previous prices. Am I right?

When you pay 100 EUR, you will get assigned a quota of 111.11 km2 of SPOT data, which you can use to consume/download SPOT data. Once you consume full quota, you can purchase another package (or several of them).

“Correct - you get access to full archive as well as fresh imagery for a year over your selected AOI.”

How is it possible to get fresh imagery over a year if I unsubscribe from basic €30 plan after say 2 or 3 months of use ?

You do indeed need an active Sentinel Hub subscription as long as you are accessing PlanetScope data.