Download all Sentinel-2 Bands in 1 Tiff File

I would like to download all the bands (0-12 (no 10)) and each of them have a layer, which means the Tiff file should have 11 layers. Is this possible? I currently only get a maximum of 3 layers, if I download the Tiff. The Evalscript looks like this:

function setup() {
return {
input: [“B02”, “B03”, “B04”, “B05”, “B06”, “B07”, “B08”, “B09”, “B11”, “B12”],
output: {
bands: 3,
sampleType: “AUTO”
function evaluatePixel(sample) {
return [2.5 * sample.B02, 2.5 * sample.B03, 2.5 * sample.B04, 2.5 * sample.B05, 2.5 * sample.B06, 2.5 * sample.B07, 2.5 * sample.B08, 2.5 * sample.B09, 2.5 * sample.B11, 2.5 * sample.B12]

(The whole script itself is a copy of the Sentinel-2 Example (Without, of course, the eval script)

It is possible, of course.

You have an error in your evalscript setup; you will see that you are only requesting 3 band output. Set bands: n_outputs_you_are_requesting.


oh stupid me, thanks a lot

One more thing; you are probably interested in raw values, and not “visualisation”… The 2.5 * sample in your return statement is probably not what you are after.

If you want to download raw data, I suggest using “DN” units for bands, and setting the output type to SampleType.UINT16. See also

ah thanks a lot. That’s a really useful suggestion!