Download commercial data at the same area but different period

In this case, do i need to pay for eac different downloading period?


For PlanetScope’s Hectares under management the answer is “no” - you only pay once per year for specific area.

For - “yes”, you pay for each that you order

Thanks. It means that I can download a specific area many times with many timing frames?

For PlanetScope “hectares under management” model you can download as many observations as you want within the same area/polygon. They will count as “one polygon”

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How can I make a convenient download the same area with different times that does not require to create order manually again with different dates.

You could make use of the API and write a script that fetches the data for a given area at different times. You can find examples of such requests here.

This method would avoid you from having to manually create orders each time, but you could also run it regularly to get the latest images.