Download Failed Exception with 403 error

I am new here. I am trying to download data using OAuth2Session in Python however I am getting a 403 Error mentioning that I am not authorized to perform this action.

DownloadFailedException: Failed to download from:
with HTTPError:
403 Client Error: Forbidden for url:
Server response: “{“error”:{“status”:403,“reason”:“Forbidden”,“message”:“You are not authorized to perform this action.”,“code”:“COMMON_INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS”}}”

Hi @chakra,

It seems you currently don’t have access to the Batch Processing API. You can find a detailed list of services and their required subscription plans on the official pricing page on our website.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or requests.

I have taken monthly subscription and my account has been configured as an Exploratory one and still I am unable to access the system.

Not sure I understand the issue.
If you would like to use Batch Processing API, you need to have Enterprise-level subscription, see the “Compare plans” section, as well as the notice in the Documentation