Download images in bulk


Is it possible to download the image in bulk?

For example, I want to download photos from 2015 to 2020
It takes a lot of time to download photos manually.

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Sure, you can do this with sentinelhub-py Python package.

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Thanks for the guide

But I have been doing this for a few hours now and unfortunately I have not been able to do it :frowning:

Is there an easier way?
For example, in the form of image or video ?

If you want an easy way to generate a time-lapse, use EO Browser:

For more advanced option, Python:

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Thank you very much, It worked well.

Is it possible to resize images?
Because the size of the images is set by default (And a little small)

If you have the opportunity and free time, prepare a video tutorial for the following method:

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In EO Browser the size of the timelapse images is fixed (512px by 512px).