Download NDVI as single band range -1 to 1

I am trying to download an NDVI elaborated in the platform.
I am using the analytical option; high resolution; .TIFF 32bit float.
But the relative download is a unique raster with 4 bands. Could you suggest me how to obtain a raster with 1 band and relative NDVI range (1 to -1)?
Thanks, cheers, Sirio

Hi Sirio,

I assume you are using the EO Browser to extract your NDVI as you mention the analytical option.

The NDVI layer in the EO Browser uses RGB values to produce a colour visualization. e.g. bright green pixels in a FLOAT32 TIFF would be (0,1,0) and black pixels would be (0,0,0).

If you want to extract NDVI using EO Browser you can use the custom visualization option. Within this, use the Index visualizer tool and select the bands needed for your index. In the below example, Iā€™m using Sentinel 2 so want Band 4 (Red) and 8 (NIR)

You can then extract the custom layer as a FLOAT32 TIFF and you will produce an NDVI with values between -1 and 1.

In the future, an easier way of doing this could be to use the Request Builder interface which you can find here: Requests Builder

There is plenty of documentation that you can refer to here on how to build your requests too:

Hope this is helpful,


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Dear William,
thank you for your prompt reply and very clear explication.
according to your suggestions, In the custom script window, I changed the number of bands from 4 to 1(output variable).
I was able to get the proper NDVI.
thanks for your tips very appreciated,
Best, Sirio