Download of s2cloudless results

Dear Sinergise,

if I use your cloudmask (s2cloudless), I get two arrays, the cloud mask and cloud probability mask for each timestep. Did you include a function such as get_data(save_data=True) to save those arrays similar to the WcsRequest function, because if I want to do that on my own I would need geotransformation and projection information to save the numpy arrays as geotiffs. Although, I could find a workaround, I wanted to ask you first, if I overlooked a functionality of your service.

Greetings Johannes

Hi Johannes,

no, saving of cloud mask or probability maps as geo-referenced tiffs is not implemented in the s2cloudless package. It is not planned to implement it either.

As you point out there’s a workaround to do this using rasterio (check How to save return data as geotiff for more details).

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