Download of Sentinel 2 imagery using Sentinel hub at a 10m spatial resolution

Hi there. I’m fairly new to using Sentinelhub to automate the download of Sentinel 2 imagery. I got the downloading working using the explanation and descriptions provided on the Sentinelhub “readthedocs” page. I’m using the WcsRequest, which works great according to the examples provided. But when I try to change the spatial resolution from 60m as the example to 10m I get an erroneous raster (all pixels are 255). At 60m it works perfect. Here is an example of my code, if it helps:
wms_true_color_request = WcsRequest(data_folder=OUTPUT_LOC, data_source=DataSource.SENTINEL2_L1C,
layer=‘BANDS-S2-L1C’, bbox=test_bbox,
time=‘2017-12-15’, resx=‘10m’, resy=‘10m’, image_format=MimeType.TIFF_d32f,

Is it possible that I’m limited due to the trail version I’m currently using?

Thanks for any help,

The trial version does not limit you in any way related to the above. The limitation of trial is on how many requests one can do and that the data cannot be used for commercial use. And that it expires in 30 days, obviously.
I cannot say for sure from the data you have provided, but I would bet that your area of interest is too large. Sentinel Hub WCS request supports up to 5.000x5.000 px. If you get over this size, you will get an empty image, which seems like what you are describing.
I suggest you give it a try with smaller area.

I believe there are also sentinelhub-py libraries available to clip the area in smaller parts so that you do not have to worry about it.

Thanks for the help! Just wanted to be sure there is no limit on the trail version. Now I know I’m doing something wrong. Have a nice day