Download Pleiades images

I am trying to download my first Pleiades image using the EO browser. I can see below the ‘My orders’ tab that I have two finished orders. However, I don’t know how to download raw band images. Could you please help me with this?


Hi @cruzc

You can download the raw bands from EO browser with the following steps

  • Zoom in to your location
  • Under theme, select My Airbus Pleiades data , which will allow you to visualize your Pleaides images

  • Go to download button, select analytical option, adjust the settings and select the raw bands to download.

Hope that helps

All the best

Thank you, @dorothyrono . I tried the steps above but when I checked the images on QGIS, the pixel values are all zero. Not sure what i am doing wrong here

You are almost there, but it is likely that you were not zoomed in to the location of your images, therefore there was no image to be downloaded. EO browser downloads images within the extents of the screen or defined AOI.

  • You can try to upload your AOI to EO browser using the upload button , the image covered by your AOI should then be zoomed in on the screen


  • Then proceed to dowload raw bands
  • Please specify image format as TIFF(16-bit) to download images with original raw values. Since the source format is UINT16 , see here


You can download AOI directly from the dashboard,
3rd Party Data > Orders > Geometry > Save As GeoJSON

Hope that helps