Download Sentinel at 10m resolution not working

Hi all

I am tryiing to download the 10m resoltion imagery. Despitte reading all the previous posts about zooming in and selecting High - it is only giving me 32m resolution. When i select custom resolution and set this to 10m X 10m the download button is greyed out with an error message saying “8270 x 4984 px Image width and height must be between 1px and 2500px”

Any idea what i am doing wrong?



Hi Rory,

As the error message says, when downloading images from EO Browser you are limited to an image that is maximum of 2500x2500 pixels on either axis. For example, if you request an image 2000x2600 pixels, this would fail as one axis exceeds the limit.

In your case, you will either have to select a smaller area of interest or reduce the resolution of your request.

Aaaah thank you for clarifying this. I couldn’t work out what the error meant. I certainly miss the ease and simplicity of downloading Sentinel via Earth Explorer!!!

Hi Rory,

If you would like to download the original tiles for Sentinel-2 then I would recommend navigating to the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem Browser. When downloading the original image, there are no pixel dimension limits.

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