Download Sentinel S2 pictures from the Sentinel-hub EO-browser

I can download Landsat pics like from the Sentinel-hub EO-browser.
This does nott work for Sentinel pics from the same side. The URL is just not working: s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/tiles/33/X/VH/2019/3/24/0
Any help to get here?

This is due to the Requester pays policy on AWS S3 bucket for Sentinel data.

Thanx for answer!
I’m just an engineer for electronics at the University of Svalbard (UNIS) and not a satellite picture expert. I try to supply our scientist and students with fresh sea ice information around Spitsbergen. Not an amateur but no expert here. I just get nothing out of you answer. What I need are the “tif” files for the B8 channel for Sentinel 2 as an http URL …

There is no such resource available to simply access Sentinel-2 B08 “tiff” file over HTTP.

You could try Sentinel Hub services, which give you exactly that - you ask for a GeoTIff of B08 over a specific AOI and you get it. The services are payable but there are ways to get free accounts for research.