Download several PlanetScope images at once via EO Browser

Hello, I’ve found two download options in EO Browser. First is the “Download” button on the right side of the screen (for downloading single file). Second is a gif/mpeg animation in Timespan mode. Is there a way to download several .jpg images via EO Browser for the chosen period by one click? (without grouping them in animation and without loading them one by one)
I’m working with PlanetScope if this matters, but I guess the answer is common for all the sources


EO Browser doesn’t currently support the downloading of image batches asides from the gif tool, which doesn’t quite fit your needs in this case.

To download easily many images over the same area, you could make use of our APIs, either using the Python libraries or directly making the requests in any language you like. If you are not familiar with programming, you can use the Requests Builder tool.

I don’t know your level of proficiency in coding, but if this is still too complicated or if you get stuck, we can help you in this thread!

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