I have a trial account in Sentinelhub. But, while trying to download the images using eo-learn script in Python, I am getting an error as below.

DownloadFailedException: During execution of task S2L1CWCSInput: Failed to download from:
with HTTPError:
400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:
Server response: “Layer Bands-S2-L1C not found”

I have configured python instance as well as the instance id.
Kindly let me know how to resolve this issue.


Rachel Rajan

Hi Rachel,
clicking this link I get another error as this instance is (no longer?) valid.
If I replace the instance with the one in your current account, I do indeed get this error.
Parameter values are case sensitive so you should write
(as it is the ID of the layer in the Configuration utility)

Hi gmilcinski,

Thanks for your help, now I am getting another error

“IndexError: During execution of task S2L2AWCSInput: index -1 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 0”

and my roi is “roi_bbox = BBox(bbox = [-119.637, 34.440, -119.624, 34.432], crs = CRS.WGS84)”
Please let me know how to resolve this.


It is unfortunately not possible to provide any useful feedback with the information you have provided.

That being said, you can try reversing the order of lat/lon - perhaps you put this wrongly.

Hi @rachelrajan14,

what is the time interval for which you are trying to get data? I see your requests above have dates 2015-08-26. Note Sentinel-2 mission started in the middle of 2015 and there are much less acquisitions available for that time period.

Hi maleksandrov,

I am trying an interval from 2015 to 2018. But, I tried 2017 -2018, still its showing the same error or index -1 out of bounds, I am taking the roi as Montecito, California.


It seems you are trying to access Sentinel-2 L2A data. Please note that L2A data worldwide is only accessible

  • for wider Europe from March 28, 2017 onwards
  • globally since December 2018

I believe that to be the reason for your failed attempts.

Okay, Thank you so much Batic!!


I have one more query , how do I download the land cover subset small and large shape files for a state in United States for rasterization task.


We do unfortunately not have land cover data for United States. You will have to find this yourself.