Downloading S1 imagery from EOCloud


It looks like S1 imagery prior to January 1, 2017 is not available through AWS. Could anyone please explain how to download it through EOCloud using Python API? I tried to follow this explanation, but don’t know how to create an account in eocloud wms configurator.

Thank you in advance for any advice,

I established an account for you and sent you credentials.

Thanks Grega for creating an account for me.
Now I’m trying to download some old Sentinel-1 data from EOCloud using this WcsRequest:

s1_request = WcsRequest(layer=‘VH___ORTORECTIFIED’,
time=(‘2016-01-01’, ‘2016-02-01’),
resx=‘10m’, resy=‘10m’,
maxcc=1.0, instance_id=INSTANCE_ID,
s1_data = s1_request.get_data(save_data=True)

Unfortunately, in return I get blank images (i.e. each pixels contains 0 value). I’d appreciate if somebody could explain on how to submit a correct WcsRequest through EOCloud?


@maleksandrov - is there some specifics for downloading data from EOCloud, where there are different datasets and no filtering for ascending/descending orbits?

@yuri_the_fury - can you please just check, whether data actually are in the location that you are looking for? Easiest way is to go to EO Browser, select Sentinel-1, Advanced search and then choose EOCloud, then set the same parameters as you have them in the configuration.
Once you find the data, please attach the link to the EO Browser with an appropriate product here.

There is no official specification how to download data from EOCloud with sentinelhub-py. However I once wrote an answer how to do that.

@gmilcinski, I just checked EO Browser - the data is available through EOCloud (see my screenshot below).

@maleksandrov, I read your answer before, which helped me to set SHConfig. The problem is that my WcsRequest downloads blank images.

This screenshot does unfortunately not help much as I do not know your search settings nor which results are shown there.
Please visualize one of the images you would like to get in the EO Browser and send the link (not screenshot) to it so that we can explore.

Generally though if you can visualize data in EO Browser, you should be able to do it with WCS as well as EO Browwser is using exactly the same interface. If it works there, it has to be something in your configuration…

Here’s the link for one of the images.
What would be the correct WcsRequest to download this image at 10m resolution?

Looking to the logs I think it is one of the following two issues (or both):
-TIME is defined very precisely, I suggest you only put date in, without time
-a combination of date/AOI results in no data being available.

E.g. I tried one of your requests but moved it over the area from EO Browser, which you sent (replace “MASKED” with actual instance ID) and it works fine:,8122887,382515,8160367&RESX=10m&RESY=10m

Thanks Grega,

In the end I gave up and downloaded old S1 data from Google EarthEngine.


Hi there, terribly sorry for bringing up a post from 2019: I’d like to accessSentinel-1 data prior to 2017, how could I obtain a EOCloud account?

We sent you an e-mail with the credentials.