Downloading Sentinel-1 zip files

I am trying to download the sentinel-1 GRD data from AWS sentinel-1 s3 and I am able to download it as usual in uncompressed format (with annotation and other folders e.t.c) utilising AWS cli:

aws s3 ls s3://sentinel-s1-l1c/GRD/2018/1/11/EW/DH/S1A_EW_GRDH_1SDH_20180111T110409_20180111T110513_020106_02247C_FBAB/ --requester-payer requester

Is there any way to download this product as a zip file ? Kindly guide.

There is a rolling 2 weeks archive of zip files available in the bucket

For older data there is only uncompressed data so that it can be used (processed) directly.

I have checked that arn too ,but there are only json files in it.

That will not be true, e.g. an example of ZIP:

You are probably simply listing first X files.

Yes.I am listing the files.Can you please share,how to download it as I am utilising the following command but it is not doing anything:

aws s3 cp s3://sentinel-s1-l1c-zips/ E:/sentinel --request-payer requester --recursive

Can you please share how to download them by the aws cli ? Kindly suggest.