Downloading Third party data via Process API pixel resolution error

I am trying downloading third party image provided by PlanetScope like below

response ='',
    headers={"Authorization" : "Bearer {}".format(token)},
        'input': {
            "bounds": {
                "properties": {
                    "crs": "{}".format(4326)
                "bbox": [17.99468170678354, -33.00874492411722, 18.0043495889445, -32.99965133466019]
            "data": [{
                "type": "CUSTOM",
                "dataFilter": {
                    "collectionId": collection_id,
                    "timeRange": {
                        "from": date_.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"),
                        "to": date_.strftime("%Y-%m-%d") + "T23:59:59Z"
        "output": {
            'resx': 3,
            'resy': 3,
            "responses": [
                    "identifier": "default",
                    "format": {
                        "type": "image/tiff"
        "evalscript": """
            function setup() {
                return {
                    input: [{"bands": ["B4", "B2", "B3", "B1"], units: "DN"}],
                    output: { id: "default", bands: 4, sampleType: SampleType.UINT16}
            function evaluatePixel(sample) {
                return [sample.B3, sample.B2, sample.B1];

For the above request, I am getting an error stated below.

{“error”:{“status”:400,“reason”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“Your request of 1011.45 meters per pixel exceeds the limit 500.00 meters per pixel of the collection cbefbbed-5318-457c-8b7e-8f1af362054f. Please zoom in.”,“code”:“RENDERER_EXCEPTION”}}

When I provided the bbox bounds with epsg value 32734 I am able to download the image correctly.
Again I tried providing bbox bounds with epsg value 4326 but removed resx and resy from the output then image is getting downloaded but the pixel resolution of output image is larger than 3m which I was expecting.

How can I ensure I am able to download the image with 3m pixel resolution while keeping the epsg value fixed at 4326?

resx and resy should be provided in the same units as the CRS you are using.
Therefore, if you are using EPSG:4326, you have to provide resx and resy in degrees. The API interpretes your request as “resx=3 degrees”, which is quite a bit…

You therefore have to calculate, how many degrees is 3 meters at your latitude and then pass that in the API.
Perhaps this post can be of help.

HI @gmilcinski I followed your suggestion but couldn’t get exact 3m pixel resolution for my area using the degree calculation code.
I got a workaround for the problem and used the Catalog Search API to extract the correct epsg value from the json output for my AOI shaped image and hence used the direct units 3 for the pixel resolution.