Empty Result for AIRBUS

I am trying to find feature for below request. Can you let us know why is the feature getting empty?

url = “https://services.sentinel-hub.com/api/v1/dataimport/search

query = {
“provider”: “AIRBUS”,
“bounds”: {
“geometry”: {“type”:“Polygon”,“coordinates”:[[[31.95554,-25.4508],[31.95535,-25.45291],[31.9548,-25.45284],[31.95418,-25.45266],[31.95361,-25.45237],[31.9532,-25.45204],[31.95403,-25.4512],[31.95448,-25.45106],[31.9545,-25.45087],[31.95488,-25.45077],[31.95554,-25.4508]]]}
“data”: [
“constellation”: “PHR”,
“dataFilter”: {
“timeRange”: {
“to”: “2022-10-13T11:00:00.00Z”

response = oauth.post(url, json=query)

results = response.json()

Hi, thank you for the query. The reason why the response to your request is empty is because there is no Pleaides satellite imagery available for your area of Interest and time range.

For Pleaides satellite imagery, we only offer archive data, but as this satellite is tasked there is no guarantee of imagery for your AOI and time range.

If you are interested, you can task the satellite to acquire data over your area of interest for additional cost. If so then let us know and we can coordinate this together.

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