Ending Planet subscriptions

Hi @gmilcinski and SHub team,

I read several posts on the forum but I didn’t find an answer to the following questions.

We are about to ended up (if not already ended) the first year of several Planet packages in Tier 1 and Tier 2. We have all these images in the same collection which is 12.15km2 of size.

In the last 3 months before the end of the subscription we did top-up billings for new geometries which means we had those three months + a whole new year of subscription. These subscriptions were also added to the same collection. Since we did not bought the packages according to the number of HAs remaining but for our calculations on the size of the geometries we surely didn’t consumed some hectares of the normal packages we bought prior the TOP-UP of the 3 months.


  • Is there anyway of knowing which are the current HAs that SHub treats them as those paid by the top-up option in the last 3 months?
  • Should we stop the subscription for the HAs we don’t want anymore before the end of the packages to prevent being charged?
  • After this, would you recommend us to use several collections according to the packages that you pay? Until now we had collections for every time imagery resolution (3x3 4bands, 3x3 8bands).

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Pablo Romero

Hi Pablo,

going from one year to another, it is not really important on “which AOIs were purchased in the last 3 months”. You can use any part of the existing AOIs and “roll them to the next year”.


In general we recommend to have one collection for all the imagery of the same type. There is no need to tie them to the inidvidual payments.


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