EO Browser: Collecting feedback for UX/UI-Redesign

Hi EO Browser users,

to help you get to your satellite images even faster, we are working on an update to the Visualize tab which will introduce a new workflow via a “Smart Panel”.

You can now get to a visualization in just 2 clicks (enter/zoom to location, show latest date).

The main changes are:

  • Visualize tab
    • Introduction of a smart panel (blue box on top) with hints on how to get to a visualization (new feature)
    • Available sensors and satellites can now be filtered via a text input field (new feature)
    • Descriptions have been moved to a separate description panel (toggle between Advanced search and commercial data button)
    • Design improvements to support the new workflow
  • Visualization layers-list
    • easy switch between collections
    • Visualizations can be added to pins/compare/timelapse (new feature) on the selected layer itself
    • Effects/advanced options and share button moved to the bottom of the visualization layers list

Velika Planina_S2_L8
EO Browser’s new Visualize tab showing Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 data for Velika Planina (SLO).

Those of you who are looking for tile extends and want to search multiple collections within a certain time period can follow the old workflow, which you can still find under “Advanced search”.


Looking for feedback

We are currently seeking feedback from you, our users, on the new improved workflow. If you are interested, you can test the new interface: Sentinel Hub EO Browser

We would like you to use the new interface for a few days and then give us feedback on the new workflow in this forum post here.

We will then consider your feedback as we continue to work on the redesign.