EO Browser error when uploading KML as AOI

Hi Everyone,

I may be missing the obvious here but I I hope someone can help me. I have tried loading a KML file as my AOI and I get the following message;
“Error: Unsupported GeoJSON geometry type! Only Polygon and MultiPolygon are supported.”

The kml is a polygon created in QGIS. The only difference to other kml files I have been using successfully is that this one has holes cut out to mask off built up areas. I am wondering if it is these holes that are causing the problem.

Has anyone got any ideas?



Hi Adrian,

Can you please provide a screenshot of the polygon that you are using please. In addition, can you check the projection is in WGS84.

I have just tested uploading a KML geometry with a hole cut out within it and it worked fine so was not able to replicate your error.



As you can see it is in EPSG:4326 WGS84.

Thank you for the screenshot, I have also tested multiple hole cuts and it still imports into EO Browser fine. How complex are the geometries of your urban area cuts?

A colleague has suggested extracting the WKT and pasting the text into the browser. I have tried that and it works fine. I would still like to understand why the kml doesn’t work though.

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