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I am exporting small areas of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 4/5 Data from the EO Browser for analysis in GIS. I am using a polygon for my area of interest with the function in browser, create an area of interest. However, it seems that the format of the AOI is not considered when exporting data in the menu analytical. It always seems to be the format of my browser view, which is roughly 2:1. My AOI are mostly near-square (1:1). The subsequent problem is that the pixel size of my downloaded file is 2:1 as well. I think this is a bug as I could download square format images before. Is there anything I can do against it? Or is this something that needs to be fixed?

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Dear @davidglaesner,

I tested this and could replicate the problem you described. Thanks for reporting this! We will fix this shortly and I will ping you here once the fix is deployed.


Dear @davidglaesner,

we just deployed a new EO Browser version (v.3.31.2) where we fixed this bug. Thank you one more time for reporting this!

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