EO browser related to satellite photography

I purchased Sentinel Hub-Basic subscription. Then, I accessed the EO browser, created the date, and pressed search to see the satellite image. However, there is no information and only page errors continue. It’s always the same. Ever since I bought this item,
EO browser failed. It’s really frustrating. Do I need to buy an additional Maxar WorldView to view the satellite images provided? I am very frustrated that I have never used the item since I purchased it. I am Korean.

Hi @fofl1234

thank you for purchasing the subscription

You are getting errors, this is because in order to get commercial satellite images (Maxar WorldView is one of them) you need to purchase a quota in addition to the basic Sentinel Hub subscription

Note that, Maxar WorldView is available to customers within Europe only

However , in your case you can purchase Pleiades and SPOT sateliite images. Go to your dashboard to purchase

or browse through the rest of the free images available in sentinel Hub

All the best